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QR Menu System

Meet the Unique Features of QROrderApp


All the features you need with a simple and easy-to-use interface

QR Menu is a new generation digital menu for Cafe, Restaurant, Beachs and Hotels. Thanks to the advanced features of QRmenu, give your customers a unique menu experience and enjoy increasing sales while reducing the menu costs of your business.

Bring your customers together with simple and easy payment.
Your customer reads the qr code on your desk to your camera, accesses your menu without downloading the application. You can download the application and order and pay.

Serve your customers instantly with simple and easy use.
Track orders from your customers, whether on your computer or on your mobile phone.

Do not keep your customers waiting, use the QR Menu ordering system.
With the QR Menu ordering system, customers can order and pay without calling a waiter through the qr code on their tables.

Make an Online Appointment
Users can make an appointment with your business without having to contact you.

Loyalty System
Your customers earn points for each order they make with the QR Menu, and they can order the product you set free of charge with this score.

Kitchen/Order Screen
QR Menu does not force you to use a printer in the kitchen. If you want, you can see the orders coming to the kitchen using the tablet on these screens.


Customers can view the menu from their mobile devices at any time and order without waiting for the waiter.
Thanks to the management panel of the QR Menu, you can easily update the products and prices in the menu at any time.
Use the QR Menu, avoid paying high prices to suppress and update the physical menu.
Your customers can order without waiting
With the QR Menu, you can follow the stock of your products. For stocks that are depleted or fall below the critical level, QR Menu alerts you instantly.
The QR Menu keeps your data on three different servers with high security. It takes your backups instantly. Even if there is a problem with your devices in your business, your data remains safe.
QR Menu does not force you to use only a screen or a printer in the kitchen. If you want, you can see the orders coming to the kitchen in the kitchen by using devices such as tablets, laptop, pc, all in one.