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  • E-commerce attempt in our country, especially young an industry that entrepreneurs prefer intensively it is becoming becomes. E-commerce facilities in Turkey increasingly developing, twice as much as the world average quickly growth, banking systems improved, increasing the use of internet use Reasons such as causing E-commerce to grow rapidly between some reasons. To the people's life of the Internet Sociological to have some more entry in each passing time to change size in all kinds of behavior caused. Shopping behavior is also from this change admittedly affected. Now consumers are through the internet are cheaper and quickly receiving items. Developing Entrepreneurs who want to take place in this market or wanting to carry the physical shop in virtual environment Anyone, profitability by taking advantage of E-commerce facilities they are in the state of increasing their proportions.

  • If you have a physical store, to the E-commerce Beginning, more people to your products and You have the opportunity to transport your services. Today Adapting themselves to the E-commerce of SME and equivalent firms promise many incentives and conveniences at the point of their is the subject of. Thanks to E-commerce experts, your own business You can move to E-commerce at a short time.

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Basic Features
Admin Panel
Multi Language Support
Product Search/Filtering/Sort
Product Add/Edit
Multi Store
Dealer Management
Customer Management
Web Mobile Compatibility
Online Payment Payments Can Be Taken From All Banks PAYMENTS CAN BE TAKEN FROM ALL BANKS Payments Can Be Taken From All Banks
Transfer Management
Content Features
Order Management
Returns Management
Category Management
Cargo Information Management
Promotion/Discount Management
Product Management
Brand Management
Group Management
Enriched Product Features
Comment Management
Store Management
Dealer Management
Order Management
Promotion Management Applicable to Product, Brand and User Applicable to Product, Brand and User Applicable to Product, Brand and User
Campaign Management
Order Confirmation/Refusal
Product Return Confirmation/Refusal
Cargo information Price, Shipping Name and Tracking Code Price, Shipping Name and Tracking Code Price, Shipping Name and Tracking Code
Product Views
Top 10 Products
Promotions and Discounts
Server Information
Email Account 5 Units 10 Units Unlimited
Web Traffic 1.5TB / Yearly 3TB / Yearly Unlimited
Web Space & Database Area 20GB 30GB Unlimited
SSL Certificate
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
7/24 Technical support
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Shape your business!

Thanks to the advanced features of the E-Commarce, experience a unique menu experience in your customers and Enjoy increasing sales while reducing the menu costs of your business.

Fully dynamic

You can change all fields from the admin panel in this system created with Web and Mobile Compatible Responsive Design.

Unlimited product variant

You can add as many options as you want for each product (color, size, body, gender ...). You can also follow the product stock for each feature.

Unlimited Category

You can add as many categories and sub-categories as you wish to the system.

Detailed Order Management

You can trade your customers by viewing the orders in detail. Order confirmation / refutation, cargo information, return management, refund confirming / refusal, enter the cargo information of the rejected refund ...

Promotional system

You can create coupons for all your customers or for specific customers and follow each coupon.

Online / Remittance Payment

You can get payments to be online or money order with the payment systems you prefer.

How can I get the E-commerce system

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CyberIstanbul CYBERISTANBUL E-commerce

What is our difference?

What makes my systemimi unique is that we are completely our own product. In this way, we can directly reflect all the features and corrections to your system.

Fully functional

The system can add tamen specific information specific to your own business and use different themes

Mobile application

We publish mobile application of our E-commerce system on your behalf.

Secure data

Your data is extremely securely stored. Your data is never lost, deleted or modified

Specifications of CYBERISTANBANB E-commerce system

Home, Top Department of Page (Header), page We have already found for Subdivision (Footer) sections Properties as follows;

-Company logo

-Member login

-Basket button

-Search bar

-Phone number

-Address information

-Email information

-Language options

-Very selling, newcomers, prominent products

-About Us Page

-Personalized suggestions

-Contact addresses

-Social media addresses

-Payment Method Logos

Category Pages for your e-commerce site The properties that need to be included are as well is the way;

-A visual size that can be counted standard

-The product number of items shown on the page

-Navigation that directs the previous pages

-Product Filtering Feature

Your product page is to pay attention on your e-commerce site one of the most important pages required. That's why, Your product will make extra efforts for your pages and You have to do extra studies. Too we can sort it as follows;

-Product title

-Of the product from different angles and different plans photographed

-If you see a product that attracts good quality and interest

-Price Information of Products

-Button to add the product to your favorite list

-Product variation information (brand, color, model, etc.)

-Product Descriptions

-User reviews and votings

-Recommendations on Related Products

-Cargo information

-Installment Information

Your payment page, your wishlist, your basket button also on your e-commerce site, especially the customer extremely important in terms of ease. Around here The properties that need to be found are also as follows We can give;

-Delivery and Invoice Addresses Information

-Shipping methods and information

-Section on coupon or discount code

-Basket details and information of the product in the basket

-Safety Information

-Making changes to products in the basket, product Addition and decal features

-Saving the cart for the post

A management system that you can change, add and remove all the above mentioned properties.

-Viewing / Deleting stores

-Viewing orders, stats and products

-Viewing and processing orders returned (confirming, rejection ...)

-Display and process purchased products (confirmation, cargo information ...)

-Product Creation / Deleting, Update

-Category Creation / Deleting, Update

-View payments made (customer information, time information, bank information ...)

-View your customers

-Sales statistics

-Create promotion and discount coupons

-Doping System Management

-Home Page Sleider Arrangement