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Human Resources Management (HRM)

Make the right decisions for your business with Cyber Istanbul human resources solutions!

From a single point of view, all human resources processes, from recruitment to performance evaluations, from permission follow-up to benefits, provide business, labor and time and cost savings. Cyber Istanbul Human Resources Management solutions developed in line with this target meet all the needs of HR departments.

With its modular structure, Cyber Istanbul Human Resources Management solutions, which can be tailored to your needs, enable the management of human resources more quickly and flexibly thanks to built-in or web-based usage.


all HR phases, starting with recruitment and continuing with payroll processes, resulting in performance evaluation and career management processes, can be managed end-to-end with Cyber Istanbul HRM. In addition, payroll transactions can be carried out through the same system.
thanks to Cyber Istanbul HRM's web-based structure, all information can be accessed from anywhere that has internet access, regardless of time and space.
thanks to multi-language support, Cyber Istanbul HRM can be easily used by multi-national companies.
thanks to the integration of Cyber Istanbul HRM with Cyber Istanbul j-Platform ERP, both HR processes and ERP system can be managed through a single platform.
Cyber Istanbul HRM enables end-to-end identification and management of company-wide human resources through its comprehensive organizational management module. With the drag-and-drop feature that makes the module easy to use, the company's organizational charts can be easily shaped.
payroll processes of enterprises are also managed through Cyber Istanbul HRM, reducing the workload of human resources teams significantly and reducing human-induced errors in payroll operations. In addition to all personal and qualification information belonging to current and former employees, detailed and effective tracking of permits can also be done via Cyber Istanbul HRM.
the time management module provided with Cyber Istanbul HRM enables the personnel to manage all data from their leave dates to their reports, overtime and activity records from one point. Thanks to the integration of the Employee Portal with the time management module, employees are able to keep their own permissions up-to-date through the portal. Thus, the HR department can devote the time it takes to answer permission questions to other jobs that provide added value.
in the pricing applications of Cyber Istanbul HRM, the points are accounted in the system and the relevant accounting receipts are generated. In addition, parameter creation, additional payment and additional deduction management, debt-credit transfers, permission transfers and overtime transfers can all be carried out through this module. Monthly mandatory declarations sent to SSI and Pension Fund for employees can also be shared regularly in the format requested by the official institutions.
all debt-credit transaction records of personnel can be created and tracked on Cyber Istanbul HRM. The type and type of transaction in which payments will be made for each transaction log opened is determined on the system. Through integration with the Employee Portal, records of receivables such as expenses and expenses can be entered into the system by the personnel.
HR departments can easily calculate the wage and payroll costs required to create new term budgets with the cyber Istanbul HRM wage scenarios management module. The costs of hiring and quitting can also be reflected in these scenarios.
Cyber Istanbul HRM, which stores and archives employees' suggestions, complaints, feedback and responses, enables employees to share this information directly with the HR team through the integration of the suggestion-feedback module with the Employee Portal. Thus, important steps can be taken in terms of the company's development and employee satisfaction.
the training planning and implementation processes are automated thanks to the cyber Istanbul HRM training management module and significant time savings are achieved. Training demands, requirements, evaluation and Training Exam questionnaire reports can also be taken and the entire training process can be reported from end to end.
Cyber Istanbul HRM Recruitment Management module, which enables the most efficient recruitment process, offers solutions that facilitate internal and external recruitment and Decision Processes. Application cards, list of Personnel requests and Response Letter Reports can also be obtained through the system and analysis and reporting of the recruitment process can be done.
Cyber Istanbul HRM performance management module offers facilities to ensure the most efficient performance for both employees and businesses. A separate performance record for each period is opened on the module by determining the most appropriate performance period for the company's processes and operations. At the end of the specified performance period, employees ' goal-competence performances, duties and responsibilities can be evaluated and results can be displayed.
Cyber Istanbul HRM's Career Management module helps to provide a brighter future for your business by supporting employees' career planning and management.
Cyber Istanbul HRM employee portal allows each employee to easily access information about themselves or the company. This practice, defined as self-service HR, reinforces the transparency between the company and the employee. The personnel who access Cyber Istanbul HRM employee portal with their personal passwords can easily monitor and request their current status on issues such as permission, overtime, training. The Portal, where all news and announcements about the company can be entered, also creates a corporate communication platform.
Cyber Istanbul HRM Recruitment Portal offers solutions that facilitate the recruitment of personnel from within and outside the company. In the process that starts with department managers requesting personnel for vacancies or projects through the portal, after the approval of the request, an announcement is made in-house or outside the company.Interview Records, offers, exam survey information and project-based information can be followed through the cards created for the applications. The candidate's suitability for the possible position can also be questioned through these cards. Application cards, list of Personnel requests and Response Letter Reports can also be obtained through the system and analysis and reporting of the recruitment process can be done.