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Medium Enterprises (ERP)

Get the cost advantage of choosing the modules to be used according to your needs while managing all the resources in your business in the most efficient way with Cyber Istanbul ERP solutions for midsize companies.

Medium-sized businesses need more than accounting solutions to effectively manage their processes and provide competitive advantage. No matter which sector they operate in, any medium-sized business can have the potential to grow with the right technology investments. Therefore, these enterprises need enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that meet both their current scales and offer a flexible structure in line with their growth targets, and the number and scope of users can be increased over time. Thanks to these solutions, a medium-sized enterprise that has achieved efficiency and cost savings in business processes will have taken the first step for growth.

Cyber Istanbul offers solutions that meet the needs of all sectors, from production to distribution, from retail to service with a wide range of solutions for medium-sized enterprises. The Cyber Istanbul portfolio, which includes mobile and web-based solutions, enables mid-sized businesses to gain efficiency by managing processes such as stock, order, sales, accounting, bank transactions and customer information from a single point.

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the general accounting practices offered with Cyber Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus provide a strong and flexible financial record and control system, as well as fully comply with the most current legislation. While the standard account plan is created on the system itself, sub-accounts can be opened as desired. The inventory, current account, account plan definitions, receipts and invoices belonging to the taxpayers can be recorded and the related accounting accounts can be determined at the same time. Revenue and expense records of invoices can be created individually or collectively. The invoice or SMMM receipt can be issued for real persons or legal persons; self-employment earnings statement can be made and self-employment ledger can be kept. In addition, accounting can be done on the transaction, while books and dumps can be easily created. This ensures speed and efficiency in all accounting transactions.
the more customers Smmms serve, the more important it is to follow up regularly and effectively. Cyber Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus's Task Scheduler function allows all tasks and tasks to be linked to the calendar. With the reminder feature, all operations and tasks can be performed on time by giving warnings for the tasks in the calendar. In addition, rent tracking and automatic rent renewal can be done through the system.
expense receipt, SMMM receipt and cash collection receipts can be easily cut through Cyber Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus. Accruals, payments, accrual-payment receipts can also be defined and recorded to Cyber Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus on a customer basis. This allows these chips to be created automatically in subsequent operations and saves a considerable amount of time. In addition, there is no need to move between modules by calling the receipts registered in different modules with one button.
in terms of businesses and Smmms, one of the most intensive labor and time-consuming operations is payroll operations. With Cyber Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus, visual records such as detailed information and photographs of personnel are kept in one spot on the registration cards. The records and work records of the personnel who have left work can also be stored on the system. Thus, in case of a retrospective operation or re-recruitment of former personnel, the personnel can be followed with the same registration card and registration number. Collective borrowing, collective wage renewal, insurance transactions, rating calculation, overtime, social assistance, additional payments and deductions can also be defined and easily implemented in financial advisor Plus.
Cyber Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus provides reporting of definitions and transactions for taxpayers in accordance with the specified filter conditions. With Cyber Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus, which offers more than 200 ready-made report templates, it is also possible to conduct detailed queries between reports and obtain the output or registration of the requested reports.
information about fixed assets can also be recorded and trading and depreciation accounts can be made directly on Cyber Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus. It is also possible to determine which income or expense item these transactions are related to and the accounting accounts to be followed at the same time. For fixed assets, depreciation and valuation accrual can be made every year and in the desired periods; expense and depreciation receipts can be generated collectively.