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Samsung Saves Lives

Technology that kills traffic. Samsung's giant monitors save lives. Huge monitors placed on the back of their trucks for the sake of a safe journey of Samsung Argentina ...
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What is Python?

WHAT IS PYTHON? Python is a programming language just like others. To give an example to others; (C, C ++, Perl Ruby, etc.). Python programming language called Dutch by Guido Van Rossum ...
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15 programming languages you need to know in 2015

If you're a programmer, you're having a good time. Why, because the programming-related work in the next 7 years is expected to increase by 8%. If you're a really experienced coder ...
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I was a Business Channel Guest

He was a guest on the Business Channel with our founder Oguzhan Memis Gülgün Feyman. You can watch the program here ....
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Phones Will Be Smarter Than People

Ray Kurzweil, the famous futurist and director of Google's engineering department, made a surprising foresight in 1999: de By 2023, a $ 1,000 laptop ...
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The System Developed by Facebook for Missing Children Launched in Canada

With the system it has developed for finding missing children, Facebook has started to spread the system. With social responsibility projects, most of them receive positive reactions from the environment and they are always ...

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