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Smart Restaurant / Cafe System

Smart Restaurant / Cafe System
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Smart Restaurant / Cafe System

* You can easily announce campaigns and promotions to your customers.
* You can find out why your customers are not satisfied, so you can solve why you can not attract customers and have more customers.
* Follow the orders from your boss account instantly. You can get monthly and daily reports.
* Thanks to our smart system you can see the speed of service of orders.
* Customers' order falls quickly into the kitchen and the notification goes to the waiter when the order is ready.
* You can get detailed report about what is happening in your restaurant and cafe from your seat.


Meet the Unique Features of CyberIstanbul Smart Restaurant / Cafe

Simple and easy to use interface with all the features you need

It is a simple and easy to use, cloud based Smart Restaurant / Café system that you can manage your cafe and restaurant operations from any device.

Don't keep your customers waiting, use the CyberIstanbul Smart Restaurant / Café ordering system.
With CyberIstanbul Smart Restaurant / Cafe ordering system, customers can place orders without calling a waiter through the tablet at their tables or they can call the waiter with a single click at any time.                             
Tablet / Mobile Applications
CyberIstanbul Smart Restaurant / Café does not force you to use a single device. You can easily manage your business from any device with Internet access. Tablets, smartphones, computers ...                             
Your Waiter Employees Will Get Tired Less
Your waiters can easily add your order, you can edit. When the products are prepared in the kitchen, your waiter is notified and your waiters do not need to go to the kitchen all the time.                             
Did you disconnect from the Internet? CyberIstanbul Smart Restaurant / Café is no longer a problem, the safe continues to work uninterrupted.
Temporary disconnection of your internet is no problem for CyberIstanbul Smart Restaurant / Café users. With CyberIstanbul Smart Restaurant / Café offline, you can continue working even in the absence of internet.                             
Thermal Printer and Kitchen Screen
CyberIstanbul Smart Restaurant / Café does not force you to use a printer in the kitchen. If you wish, you can see the orders coming to the kitchen using the tablet in the kitchen on these screens                             
Color your system
Give the system the color you want from the panel and add your own Cyber ​​Istanbul.                         


your customers can order without waiting
your customers can answer your questions and shape your business according to your reviews
when the customer clicks on the call from the waiter, notification goes to the relevant waiter
advertise to your customers while your tablets on the table are idle
Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/Café system does not force you to use a single device. You can easily manage your business from any internet device. Tablets, smartphones, computers.
while using Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/café, you will continue to work even if you are disconnected from the internet. This allows you to maintain all operations of your business without interruption.
with Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/café you can follow up the inventory of your products. Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/Café alerts you instantly for stocks that are running out or falling below critical levels.
Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/Café keeps your data on three highly secure servers. Takes your Instant backups. Your data remains secure even if there are problems with your devices in your business.
Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/Café is an integration system that enables you to bring together the revenues and stocks of the different centers in your business in one place.
Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/café allows you to manage all branches of your business from a single point with multiple branch management (boss application).
at Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/café, you can include as many employees as you want and add unlimited users. Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant / Café offers comprehensive features at affordable prices and you do not charge a fee per user.
Cyber Istanbul smart restaurant/Café does not force you to use only screens or only printers in the kitchen. If you want, you can see the orders coming to the kitchen using devices such as tablet, laptop, pc, all in one on these screens.