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Cyber Istanbul ERP

ERP system for large businesses

Most efficiently manage all processes from production to large-scale enterprises and the comprehensive standard modules of Cyber ​​Istanbul ERP solutions and optional additional modules.

Most efficiently manage all processes from production to large-scale enterprises and the comprehensive standard modules of Cyber ​​Istanbul ERP solutions and optional additional modules.

The more the scale of a business grows the scale, the technology infrastructure must be so strong. Effective management and supervision of the processes with the increase in the number of employees in the employment volume and the effective management and supervision of the processes are increasingly important. Especially the largest assistant of large-scale enterprises that are manufacturing or working with the broad dealer channel, are ERP solutions that offer a platform according to special embodiments, which are developed in the needs of different sectors, which can be supported by additional applications.
Large-scale enterprises are much lower than business processes Cyber ​​Istanbul, which develops special solutions to manage the costs, practical and effectively, is expanding the understanding of quality and efficiency throughout the entire business starting from the running level. The ERP solutions in this area of ​​Cyber ​​Istanbul gain advantages of providing inter-unit information flow, organizing complex business processes and the effective management of customer relations.

CyberIstanbul ERP System Features

The general accounting applications offered by Cyber ​​Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus show a strong and flexible financial recording and control system as well as the most current legal legislation. The standard account plan is spontaneously on the system, the lower accounts can be opened as desired. Stock, Current Account, Account Plan definitions, plugs and invoices are associated with the income or expense item of these operations, and the relevant accounting accounts can be determined at the same time. Income and expense records of invoices can be created individually or collectively. Invoice or SMMM receipt for real person or legal entities can be cut; Self-employment gain notification is made, self-employment can be kept. In addition, when accounting on the movement, the notebooks and castings are easily created. Thus, speed and efficiency is provided in all accounting transactions.

The regular and effective follow-up of these jobs are so important if SMMMs assign the number of customers. Cyber ​​Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus's task timer function allows all work and tasks to connect to the calendar. With the reminder feature, all transactions and tasks can be fulfilled on time by giving warning for work in the calendar. In addition, rent tracking and automatic rental renewal can also be done via the system.

Expense plug, SMMM receipt and cash collection receipts can be easily cut through Cyber ​​Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus. Accruals, payments, accrual-payment plugs can also be defined and registered on customer base to Cyber ​​Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus. Thus, these plugs are automatically generated in subsequent operations and serious time saving in operations is obtained. In addition, it is not necessary to travel between the modules thanks to the single-touch call of the recorded plugs in different modules.

One of the most intense labor and time in terms of businesses and SMMMs is payroll operations. Cyber ​​Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus with detailed information and photographs of staff on the record cards are kept in a single point. Registration and study records of the staff separated from work can also be stored on the system. Thus, the staff can be followed with the same register card and registry number if a backward transaction or old personnel are recruited. Bulk debility, collective charge refresh, insurance operations, data calculation, work, social assistance, additional payment and interruptions are also defined and easily implemented in the Financial Advisor Plus.

Cyber ​​Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus, the definitions and transactions for the taxpayers provide the reporting of the specified filter conditions. It is also possible to make detailed interrogations between the Reports with Cyber ​​Istanbul Mali Advisor Plus, which offers more than 200 Ready Report Templates.

The information of fixed assets can also be recorded and trading and depreciation accounts can be done directly on Cyber ​​Istanbul Financial Advisor Plus. The accounting accounts to be associated with and monitoring these transactions can be determined at the same time. For fixed assets, depreciation and valuation can be accrued in the desired periods; Expense and depreciation slips can be created in bulk.