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Cyber ​​Istanbul Digital Menu System

Get rid of carton menus with digital menu system.

Simple and easy to use interface with customers digital It will be very tasteful to determine what to order with the menu.

Customers with pictures of your products thanks to digital menu Pull yourself. Extremely easy product add and update Save by doing.

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  • Cyber ​​Istanbul smart restaurant and cafe system

    Cyber ​​Istanbul Smart Restaurant and Cafe System If you wish to get information about. You can contact us from our information. Website Link: e-mail: Phone: +90850 771 00 00 Cyber ​​Istanbul smart resotran and cafe system What are the benefits? * Campaign to your customers and You can easily announce promotions. * Can find out why your customers are not satisfied and more in this way, why you cannot attract the client You may have more customers. *Boss followed by their account instantly follow orders. Monthly and you can achieve daily reports. *Clever Thanks to our system, the speed of serving orders You can see. * Customers' order is a fast Falls in the manner and when the order is ready The notice goes to the waiter. * Restaurant from where you sit and detailed report on what is going on in your caf You can take.

Digital Menu System Prices

Software Only

Device + Software







For Once

For Once

No Surprise Price No Surprise Price
Platform Android & IOS Android & IOS
Admin Panel
Offline Mod
Product Add/Edit Unlimited Unlimited
Category Add/Edit Unlimited Unlimited
Color Preference
Device 1 Piece
Device Information
Brand Alcatel
Sim Card Support No
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Processor AMD Quad Core 1.3GHz
Internal Memory 16GB
Ram Capacity 1GB
Screen size 7 inç
OS Android 8.1
Color Black
Server Information
Email Account
Web Traffic 1TB / Yearly 1.5TB / Yearly
Web Space & Database Area
SSL Certificate
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
7/24 Technical Support

What is Cyber ​​Istanbul Digital Menu System?

  • Digital Menu System, From Cardboard Menu Concept Easy to use, easy to use interface and practical is the tablet menu system. Your customers from this system visually your orders that you can enrich and their content completely Digital tablets that you can edit as you wish they can choose over.

  • With this digital menu, customers are looking to the products they are looking for easily from the categories set on the tablet reaching and their visuals and contents of products Examining, making a much more accurate and good choice they have experienced the possibility.

  • The device keeps the product information registered in their system, Any internet interruption that may experience this It doesn't make you trouble.

  • Also a lot of your menus with a multi-language option your customer mass by doing in a foreign language you can increase.

CyberIstanbul Advertising system

What is our difference?

What makes my systemimi unique is that we are completely our own product. All the features and corrections we have developed in this We can directly reflect on your system.

Fully functional

You can add the product you want, more than one of this product You can add pictures, description, price, discounted price

Be integrated

Digital menu system with Cyber ​​Istanbul POS system can work integrally

Working without Internet

Your customers continue to review the menu even if no internet is can

Shape your business!

Thanks to the advanced features of our digital menu system experience a unique menu experience to your customers and Sales while reducing the menu costs of your business Enjoy the increase.

Tablet / Mobile Applications

Our digital menu system is to use you a single device is not forced. Your business from any device that is the internet You can easily manage. Tablets, smartphones, computers...

Easy management

Update the information of the product you want from the panel, lift or add. From the expense of unnecessary menu editing get rid of.

May your customer find what you are looking for

Divide your products into categories as you want, Do not confuse your customers' head.

Continue to menu if there is no internet

Device downloads all of the products to itself (included in pictures) and your customers even if the connection is broken continues to review your menu.

Color your system

Give the color from the panel to the system, our system You keep up with your cafe's design.

    Contactless menu for businesses bored with paper menus

  • Of your waiters over smartphones and tablets Easy, fast and reliably order to order Discover our mobile app that provides.
  • Your menu is accompanied by images of your products Deliver your customers over the smartphones.
  • New Generation QR Menu Square Code Phone A contactless and hygienic menu solution by reading to the camera provide.
  • Instantly instantly your menu at any time You can update.
  • Unlimited number of items, KateGoori and subcategory You can add it.
  • Picture of your products to stand beautiful and attract attention or you can add video.

How do I use it?

To use the system by contacting us You can start.

Upload the app to your devices

Setting up on android devices after acquiring the system We will help it for.

Complete your necessary adjustments

Set the system to your business, your products and Prepare your categories, select your color and start

Enjoy features

Everything is now ready, let's do the rest

CYBERISTANBUL Digital menu system features

With the pictures of your products thanks to the digital menu Pull customers to yourself. Extremely easy product Save by adding and updating.

Update the information of the product you want from the panel, lift or add. Unnecessary Menu Edit get rid of your expense.

Divide your products into categories as you want, Do not confuse your customers' head.

Device downloads all of the products to itself (included in pictures) and even the connection is broken Your customers continue to review your menu.