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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Strengthen your relationships with your customers, earn together.

CRM Customer Relationship Management solution that focuses on the most effective way of communicating with customers in line with sales and marketing targets; field operations, marketing activities and all sales processes in a fast way to ensure New Generation customer satisfaction.

The company needs of all sizes
All companies, regardless of their size, aim to increase the loyalty of their existing customers, reach their potential customers and establish the right communication with the customers. Thanks to Cyber Istanbul CRM, which facilitates and automates this process, it is possible to establish the right communication with the right customer at the right time.

Integrated structure, powerful enterprise memory
Cyber Istanbul CRM, which provides fast and efficient management at all contact points with the customer, is also integrated with Cyber Istanbul ERP solutions. In this way, all the data in the company feeds and supports each other and the sales and marketing processes are controlled and a strong and reliable corporate memory is created.


Information of all stakeholders such as customers, dealers and suppliers can be easily defined and grouped on Cyber Istanbul CRM. Thus, the created corporate memory enables the design of the offers or campaigns to be presented in the following processes more efficiently. Also about the potential customers in Cyber Istanbul CRM the information held makes it easier to prepare offers that could create new sales opportunities.
All customer related data, correspondence, telephone records, invoices and complaints are gathered on Cyber Istanbul CRM to ensure effective customer management. All information is classified according to customer needs, especially sales and marketing personnel save significant time.
Every customer folder created in Cyber Istanbul CRM can be collected and grouped in subfolders as many times as required. Sales performance is improved by automatic matching of these folders with hot sales opportunities that may occur later.
Cyber Istanbul CRM software is integrated with e-mail application, so it is possible to quickly access the records of the sending customer, supplier or dealer. With Outlook Add-in, data can be accessed quickly without switching between different applications.
Cyber Istanbul CRM offers a solution that can be accessed from anywhere at any time thanks to its web-based structure. The mobile application of Cyber Istanbul CRM includes all the modules and functions of the product's web interface. The check-in / check-out feature allows field employees to track and route optimization through the system.
Cyber Istanbul CRM enables to monitor sales opportunities, project and tender follow-ups together with all past processes from a single screen. Thus, on what date, by whom, what transactions are discussed, what proposals are given, related documents and e-mails can be seen and more secure steps can be taken.
Cyber Istanbul CRM Proposal Management module helps to prepare quotes faster with fields, views and templates that can be defined specifically for the proposal processes. Past price control, Optional Proposal, Alternative Proposal and Product Association features provide a more flexible proposal process. With the proposal approval processes that can be configured in several different ways and the instant current account risk limit and the amount of stock remaining controls made automatically from Cyber Istanbul CRM database, man-made errors are minimized in the bid processes.
Customer activities, routes, interview and visit plans of sales and after-sales service teams can be monitored centrally via Cyber Istanbul CRM. Thus, the activities of the teams can be organized in a way to save time and cost, and an effective management and reporting mechanism can be established. presented Cyber Istanbul CRM Activity Management module, sales or after-sales teams of all potential or current customer visits, interviews, meeting notes in a detailed recording and reporting feature allows pivot table.
In addition to reports such as Sales, Opportunity and Activity in different modules of Cyber Istanbul CRM, reports and dashboards that can be customized according to need can be prepared.
New Generation Customer Satisfaction / Complaint processes, technical support processes or call center processes integrated with the enterprise's IP exchange can be managed from a single point thanks to Support Cyber Istanbul CRM Center which can customize after-sales processes as needed.
Instant integration of Cyber Istanbul CRM with Cyber Istanbul ERP products allows customers to track current account statements, order statements and risk limits. This is also the control of instant stock quantities of products and automatic transfer of sales-turned offers to ERP solutions as orders or dispatches. integration.
Cyber Istanbul Notifier Service delivery management system, which is offered free of charge within the scope of Cyber Istanbul CRM, provides instant notification of transactions related to corporate processes. Thus, full control over processes, instant reports can be obtained. Cyber Istanbul Notifier Service provides customers with special day celebrations. mail messages, the latest status of the offers submitted sales, contract end dates to after-sales service details, all kinds of information in the form of e-mail, SMS or Push Notification. Customers' current account status, risk criteria, entered orders, collections made, material and stock status and all transaction content and details such as the documents of the invoices issued are immediately communicated with Cyber Istanbul Notifier Service.
Cyber Istanbul CRM, which is developed with new generation technologies, offers a modern and user-friendly interface with its eye-catching, aesthetic design.