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The primary aim of every company in the world is to make a difference among its competitors and to increase brand value. But in an environment of increasing diversity, it is not so easy. In order to accomplish this, in addition to the usual and classic methods, they have started to apply new and different methods with the developing technology.

With the developments in the digital world, things have started to integrate into a much faster and easier form. While companies are trying to develop their own brands as prestige, they also try to increase their awareness.

Companies always apply to various marketing strategies in order to increase their brand awareness. Marketing is the most important movement for a company to announce its name. However, the companies that can make their names known to a certain audience with the usual marketing methods have also had to stay under the big costs sometimes.

With the popularization of digital platforms and the need to meet almost everyone's needs through these platforms, an enormous data network has been formed with time. This is a potential and more customer oriented field using unlimited mass media is born Digital Marketing.

With Digital Marketing; search engines, social media accounts, web sites, mobile applications, such as the digital media that people often use brands began to advertise. This has also become the most preferred marketing area, whether by small or medium-sized businesses or large companies, as it reduces costs in large proportions compared to conventional methods. Of course, as a result of this, a rapidly growing professional group was born under the name of digital marketing. In terms of Brand Awareness, companies want to market their advertisements specifically for the customers they want to offer their products or services to, and through digital marketing, the product or services come across groups of people they address. This leads to a very positive return on marketing for companies.

Social media platforms, which are frequently used nowadays and have emerged as a medium where people only share, have become the most important tools of the digital marketing sector. People and brands from social media platforms have begun to earn serious income and are able to reach many people.

In order to increase the brand awareness of companies, they carry out many strategies from social media platforms. As they introduced their campaigns, innovations and products; they can feel that they are in more individual communication with customers, which greatly enhances brand credibility.

While brand awareness is such an important issue for companies and people, their ability to make their own ads easily, quickly and surely has created a new era in the advertising and marketing sector. The rapidly developing digital world will provide more convenience to people and we will see it in time.

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