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Along with the developing technology, many different sectors in our world continue to change in our lives. Many big technology companies are developing new and unique methods that will make our lives easier. However, businesses and companies are trying to integrate these new technologies by following them. Thus, they accelerate their growth and reach new and potential customers much faster.

As in many other sectors, there are developments in the service sector that offer more efficient services with less human labor and new technologies, and efforts are continuing in this direction. For example, the most popular of these is the Amazon Go, which is the most popular and unbeatable supermarket service. In this supermarket, customers are added to the list of products they have selected by sensors on the shelves after having them read to the system located at the entrance on their smart phones before entering. When a product is returned to the shelves, the product is deleted from the list. At the end of the shopping process, the usual invoices, vouchers, payments are not performed and they are charged to the customers' registered credit cards. This idea, developed as a remedy for the cash queue at the market, plans to speed up people's business at the maximum level. Although most of the post-development people who liked this event liked it very much, it also led to controversy that this would create employment difficulties.

The common feature of this and many other projects is that the companies make maximum profit at minimum cost and keep the customer satisfaction high.

What about the restaurants and cafes of the future that we all visit every day ?

The biggest factor in which we all complain is to wait in cafes and restaurants. There may be many reasons for this; things such as delays in receiving or preparing orders due to the current density situation, troubles while paying accounts, and payment problems are often events that can divide our pleasant moments. But with today's technology developing smart restaurant / cafe systems, you get rid of these problems.


What is the Smart Restaurant / Cafe System ?


Smart restaurant and cafe systems, cloud-based software with a single base of all business operations is a software. With this software service, customers can place their orders directly from the menus that the business owners can determine their visuals and contents with the software on the tablets at their desks, and they can call the waiters from the same tablets if they want. They can play games and watch movies while they wait for their orders. Their orders fall directly to the screen in the kitchen and the order begins to be prepared quickly. When the orders are ready, they are directly notified to the waiters and deliver the order to the customer. If the customer wishes, they can do it directly from the tablets with QR code. In the meantime, the business owner can display any number of advertisements or campaigns on the tables with smart screens. With the smart restaurant system, the operator can have all the data flow and perform and follow his work without slowing down even if the internet connection is lost. Here is the restaurant of the future with smart restaurant / cafe automation systems come to you today. With this system, which reduces costs and enables easy tracking of business accounts and follow-ups, customers also enjoy a different and new experience and maximize their satisfaction.


If you want to get more information about this system Cyber Istanbul offers you as a first, you can contact us at and our team mates can come to you when you want to introduce the product.

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