Blackout İş Merkezi Şişli/İstanbul

Turizm (B2B)

CyberIstanbul B2B Software packages, which are familiar with the realities of tourism, are designed to adapt to the functioning of your organization.

In Cyber Istanbul B2B packages, you can sell your stocks for each carine by defining special prices and / or discounts. You can assign a special price to each product you want. If you wish, you can perform the same operation specific to the stock group.

Cyber Istanbul B2B systems offer each dealer and / or dealer group a special stock and / or stock group based discount management opportunity. You can apply the discount or discount rate that you can define to your dealer one by one, and you can create a dealer group and assign it to the group.


your dealers can report all orders placed through CyberIstanbul B2B system.
can list which product your dealer bought at what date, the current exchange rate and discount rate.
you can show all your current transactions registered in your accounting program to your dealers, or you can make online agreements with your dealers if you wish.
as a result of your business activity with your dealer, you may list all accounts receivable and debt records.
if you wish, your dealers can review and print all invoice transactions, invoice details in your commercial program.
your dealer can view and print all payments made to you with details such as date, time, method of payment, amount and amount.