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Facial Recognition Technology | Cyber Istanbul

With the new technology, it is now very easy to keep your security at a high level while keeping your personnel tracked steadily.
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How to Find the Best Mobile App Development Company ? | Cyber Istanbul

It is very difficult to find the best and reliable mobile application company among the increasing software companies. We have a few suggestions to help you with this.
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How Much Does it Cost to Make an App? | Cyber Istanbul

When you want to improve your personal or corporate mobile application, what are your pricing? What should you consider about mobile application quotation?
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Restaurant of the Future – Smart Restaurants | Cyber Istanbul

How will the restaurants of the future be in our changing and developing world? What differences will smart restaurants make?
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The Effect of Digital Marketing in Brand Awareness | Cyber Istanbul

We have talked about digital marketing applications for you with the importance given to brand awareness in the global world.
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What is a Proffesional Mobile Application and How it Should be ? | Cyber Istanbul

In a global world where mobile applications are so popular, what is Professional Mobile Application? How should it be?