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Today, with the developing technology, changes and innovations continue in many areas. One of the biggest priorities in experiencing technological developments is to make our life easier. As there are innovations in every field that we can think of, different alternatives are discovered regarding the business life we all live in.

One of the most important issues for managers and business owners in the workplace is to learn the follow-up and stability of the employees in the most accurate and easy way without wasting time. For this, various things have been used from past to present. In this period to date, the most frequently used systems are the card reader system and fingerprint reader systems. However, as technology advances, besides positive developments, unfortunately, various negative methods to overcome these developments are beginning to find people and these cause problems for security. In addition, one of the biggest problems of technological devices, when used in contact, causes wear and this causes cost on behalf of the company.

The face recognition system, the newest of these tracking systems, has already started to attract attention in terms of tracking systems and many businesses want to start using this system. The facial recognition system is very simple to use. Staff will read and log their own faces into the systems at the entrance. Thus, personnel tracking will be done much more precisely and quickly, and a more robust measure will be taken in terms of security.

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